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We’ve been getting some great feedback from our customers, so we’re patting ourselves on the back and sharing some of our stats.

Did you know –

  • The bulk of our customers have experienced fewer than 10 internet outages in the last 6 months
  • Our average uptime over the last 6 months is >99.7%, thats less than 12 hours down in the last 4,380 hours (and that’s across all our sites, we have many sites with 100%)
  • In addition to our satisfied existing customers we are seeing exceptional new customer growth
  • We’ve added 5 new community hotspots, bringing internet access to thousands of folk who never were able to connect before

Along with improving our services and scaling up to meet the increased demand, we’ve focused on making tools available to our customers where they can manage their access, log help desk requests and process transactions, not only from the web but also via SMS.

If you haven’t yet logged into your web portal at (you can also rest your password or ask us to do so by calling us on 028 341 0383) we suggest you do so to see the services available to you.

In order to maintain customer satisfaction, we’ve taken on additional staff to make sure that our business runs as smoothly as possible. These new staff members, along with our systems, manage scheduling and uptime alongside other areas, specifically, Finance.

Although most of our customers make sure their accounts are paid early in the month, going forwards those accounts that are behind will be notified on the 7th & 9th of each month and then automatically suspended on the 10th if payment has not yet been received. These automated notifications will be issued both by email and SMS before suspension is effected. If you have any queries, please contact us on 028 341 0383.

Team Orca

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