Why choose Orca?


We find “Fastest” is what everybody believes they need, while just as important is “appropriately priced”. At Orca we strive to bring you an internet connection at a price and speed that matches your needs.

Whether youre a business needing a 50mbps fully redundant mission critical link, a light home user who occasionally uses email and social media, or if you’re a family which like to stream movies and stay connected to the world we have you covered.


For the last 3 years our core connections have exceeded 99.5% uptime. Within Stanford they’ve exceeded 99.93%. Even when there have been breaks elsewhere in the greater (South African and international) internet, our dual link redundency provides for continued local connectivity.

This has been further improved with our “Single hop to Fiber” offering on the back of which we’re expecting to see our aleady reliable links further improve.


Local means more than just being close by. It means being in touch with and contributing to the communities within which we deliver our services. If you’re within one of our coverage areas we’re likey to be sponsoring schools, sports clubs, free wifi hotspots (for lower income groups who cant afford internet at home) and driving broad based camera projects to improve safety and security.

We also make sure that we’re supporting those who look after us with popular examples being our discounted “People in uniform” and “Pensioners” packages.

As a business our philosophy is very much about giving back to the communities in which we’re active.

Within Stanford we -

  • have 8 hotspots scattered throughout Stanford North, South and De Kop
  • sponsor in excess of 50+ links for various organisations and causes within the village
  • have spent a substantial amount putting up the backbone and the bulk of the cameras within the Stanford camera project
    continue to carry the ongoing traffic for that camera project at no charge
  • sponsor an administrative assistant to the NHW / CPF to assist with their efforts
  • continue to be the most active participant in presenting technology to people looking to get the most from their tech

You being one of our customers allows us to do this for our community, thank you so much for being part of our journey.