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Frogfoot Fibre 30MBps

R 659monthly

Frogfoot Fibre 50MBps

R 799monthly

Frogfoot Fibre 100MBps

R 969monthly

Frogfoot Fibre 200MBps

R 1099monthly

Frogfoot Fibre 500MBps

R 1349monthly

Frogfoot Fibre 1000MBps

R 1499monthly

Benefits of Fibre

New Installs

Frogfoot Fibre Internet comes with a 24 month contract that includes a router.

Month to month contracts will require a R1300 activation fee and you will need to pay for a router.

The above install offers exclude any additional access points (AP) / range extenders which may be required. If you
already have a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) you are likley to have a compatible AP, if you currently have a
telkom service your AP may need to be changed. Should the client opt for a month to month service, and do not
already own a router, they will need to purchase one.

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