Wireless Internet

*Uncapped Internet

*We reserve the right to implement a Fair Usage Policy at our discretion

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Wireless – 4MB*

*Subject to site survey

R 329monthly

Home Internet

Wireless – 5MB*

*Subject to site survey

R 499monthly

Home Internet

Wireless – 7MB*

*Subject to site survey

R 699monthly

Home Internet

Wireless – 10MB*

*Subject to site survey

R 999monthly

Home Internet

Wireless – 20MB*

*Subject to site survey

R 1499monthly

Wireless – 50MB*

*Subject to PTP feasibility

R 1999monthly

New Installs

We will switch you over to our network  free of charge if you have existing equipment in good working order.
For customers that require brand new installs, the pricing is as follows:

Includes 30M of cabling, 2M aluminum pole and bracket
+Add R200 for High Power AP
+Add R300 for High Power Dual-band AP 
Our technicians will advise which is suitable based on your location.

Standard Install – R2600
Mikrotik LHG radio + 1 Access Point

Advanced Install – R2950
Mikrotik LHG XL radio + 1 Access Point

* Fair usage policy (FUP)

We reserve the right to implement a fair usage policy at our discretion.

Our Fair Usage Policy only kicks in after you’ve watched about 500 normal resolution full-length movies in a single month, it’s about double that of the South African industry average. 

We have it in place as there have been instances where customers have had multiple households sharing a connection, .. our internet access is that good, but it’s against the Terms and Conditions.

Fair usage allows us to ensure our effective service to customers and prevent abuse.

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