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Orca Fibre in Stanford

Coming soon

YES, it’s happening, fibre speeds (and prices) from your favourite local ISP

From the end September (possibly October, depending on where in the village you are) we’ll be able to offer you fibre packages to exceed your uncapped internet requirements.

R 649monthly

for 30MB/s

R 849monthly

for 50MB/s

R 949monthly

for 100MB/s

For existing customers who take a one year contract we’ll do the equipment swap (from WiFi CPE on the roof to fibre connection) for free!

For new customers, the installation is R1700 (plus a suitable access point (AP) @R600 if you don’t have one, if you’re moving from another WISP it’s likely you already have the correct AP). For new customers who take a two year contract we’ll similarly do a free activation and install.

We’re available to answer any questions you may have on, or Claude on 078 735 1639‬ / 028 341 0383

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