Other Internet solutions

Work From Home Package

Our Work from Home (WFH) packages are aimed at folk who’s primary need is for cost effective high internet speeds during working hours.

Rescue Package

Our Orca “Rescue” package has one goal, to allow people to stay connected as cost effectively as possible when economic times are tough.

Home and Office Combo Package

Cost effective same speed packages for customers who need internet at home and at the office.

Swallow / Holiday House Package

For homeowners who only visit infrequently but need to have access to decent connectivity when they’re here.

Pensioners Package

Our Pensioner Package is capped internet designed for customers who only occasionally use the internet, and when they do, it is for non streaming purposes.

People In Uniform Package

This package discounts our monthly uncapped 2MB and 4MB subscriptions to qualifying participants. This is aimed at folk who are employed full time in some public service / uniformed capacity (firemen, police, medical, municipal).