Swallows / Holiday Home Internet

Holiday Homes / Swallows Package

Our Holiday Home / Swallow Package is designed for customers who are only infrequently in residence, but require speedy connectivity when they are.

You get a speedy 5MB connection with a 5GB pm cap and the option to buy additional cost effective data bundles on demand as you require it (such as over holiday periods or when the house is let to guests). The monthly allocation is generally enough to keep services such as surveillance cameras operational and to provide light usage connectivity for impromptu visits. 

Additional bandwidth bundles are valid for a year from date of purchase.

Swallows / Holiday Home Internet

Holiday Home / Swallows Package*

*Fair Usage Policy applies

R 1499annually

R15 per GB (as needed)

Prices range from R15/GB (with increasing discounts as you purchase larger bundles). Buy data bundles as required. These data bundles are valid for a year from date of purchase so you can always use what’s left over on your next trip. These bundles can be bough by you or your guests (ideal if you let the premises out).