Orca Fibre Packages

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Fibre Shaped 10MBps*

*100GB Fair usage policy

A Shaped Fibre line for households and businesses that wants faster broadband speeds for downloading (slower upload speed) and everyday internet applications at more affordable rates.

R 399

  • Email
  • Browsing the web
  • Social media
  • Downloading
  • Streaming audio
  • Live online communication
    (Skype, FaceTime)
  • Streaming visual media
    (YouTube, Netflix, Facebook videos)
  • Multiple devices with automatic updates activated

New Installs

For all new and existing customers an installation fee is charged of R1300 from the pavement to access point. It
does include the ONU device which is where the fibre will terminate to, it does not include a router.

The above install offers exclude any additional access points (AP) / range extenders which may be required. If you
already have a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) you are likley to have a compatible AP, if you currently have a
telkom service your AP may need to be changed. Should the client opt for a month to month service, and do not
already own a router, they will need to purchase one.

* Fair usage policy (FUP)

For Shaped packages only

Our Fair Usage Policy only kicks in on shaped fibre packages at 100GB for the 10MBps package and 200GB for the 20MBps package. 

We have it in place as there have been instances where customers have had multiple households sharing a connection, .. our internet access is that good, but it’s against the Terms and Conditions.

Fair usage allows us to ensure our effective service to customers and prevent abuse.

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