Additional online services

Personalised email, web hosting and public IPs. For most businesses, having a website and ensuring your email address is reflective of your business is critical. As your Tech Partner we simplify this process.

We can you with a simple end result of [YourName]@[YourCompanyName] and a website www.[YourCompanyName]

We can even point you in the right direction for website / content creation.

And if you’re REALLY tech savvy and require a public IP, we can do that for you too.


Website and email hosting from R99p/m

Email addresses or We provide a free email address for our customers, but find that some customers require more addresses or want to continue using their email address when they move away and are no longer using us as their ISP

Public IP addresses

For those requiting public IP (generally for camera access or externally required services hosted on your premises) R50 p/m