Our Pensioner Package is designed for customers who only occasionally use the internet, and when they do for non streaming purposes. If all you’re looking to do is use email, some banking and web browsing and occasionally catching up on Facebook then this may be for you. Enjoy a the phone casino. You get a speedy 4mb connection with a 5GB pm cap and the option to buy additional cost effective data bundles on demand as you require it (such as over holiday periods or when the family arrive). The monthly allocation is generally enough for conservative non-streaming use. As long as you’rehttp:// not watching videos (including FaceBook and YouTube), not listing to streaming music and not doing updates you should be ok.


(For once off installation)
R 2600 Once off
  • You need to be on 5Ghz compatible equipment (it's tech jargon, if its less than 3yrs old its likely the right stuff)


R 149 Monthly
  • This is the monthly connectivity cost, provides you with a 4mb connection and a cumulative 5GB per month bandwidth allocation. Customer Portal access gives you a dashboard where you can see usage.


(As needed)
R 15 per GB
  • Prices range from R15/GB (with increasing discounts as you purchase larger bundles). Buy data bundles as required. These data bundles are valid for a month from date of purchase.