We understand that times can be tough ...

Our Orca Rescue package has one goal: to allow people to stay connected as cost effectively as possible when economic times are tough. 

For a cost of R149.00 p/m, this package

  • provides 1MB download, 256KB upload from midnight to 6pm;
  • has no internet connection between 6pm and midnight;
  • is uncapped (with our usual 250GB Fair Usage Policy); and
  • allows people to
    • stay in touch with loved ones,
    • get news,
    • look for work online, and 
    • be able to do their schoolwork.

The primary focus here is a low price for those who need to stay connected but are going through tough times economically, so there are several things this package is not suitable for

  • evening entertainment (there is no internet connection available between 6pm and midnight)
  • video streaming (it’s not fast enough)

00:00 – 18:00 (18 hours)

1MB download, 254K upload

18:00 – 00:00 (6 hours)


This is a genuine attempt by Orca to assist those in need by providing basic cost-effective internet in these unprecedented times. We expect the package to be respected as such and utilised appropriately, and we reserve the right to refuse applicants we don’t believe fit the economic circumstances for which it is intended

Please note the following

  • This package is available to
    • existing Orca customers, and
    • those who come across from any other wireless provider but already have wireless equipment installed (we’ll waive our R500 reconfiguration fee).
  • It is not available to customers who require an installation (Telkom ADSL customers).
  • We anticipate running this for at least six months, but reserve the right to withdraw or extend this package at any time.