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Hotspot internet solutions are ideal for public spaces such as parks, sports grounds, transport stops, and retail areas. We offer various options, including installations that attract customers to locations like camping grounds, coffee shops, cafes, and pubs, as well as setups in high-density areas to serve multiple households. Typically, our hotspot internet provide 50MB of free daily connectivity per device, with affordable charges for additional data.

To enhance traffic, we also partner with retail outlets to sell data vouchers. If you have a suitable location for Hotspot internet, contact us, and we’ll arrange a site visit to assess its potential. Our solutions feature:

– Cost-effective, high-availability, zero-contention bandwidth
– Failover capabilities for uninterrupted internet access
– Active service and availability monitoring
– Voice services (VoIP and SIP)
– Backup and server/workstation support contracts, depending on proximity

We don’t require long-term contracts; our performance and pricing keep our customers satisfied. It all starts with a discussion.

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